Positioning Yourself for the Future Is Better Than Trying to Create An Immediate Need

Branding: positioning a product, service, or yourself into consumers’ minds so that when they need that product or service, they think of yours (or you), first. 

For example…

I liked those Snickers Super Bowl commercials with Aretha Franklin being a diva and Betty White having no energy for flag football because they’re hungry. But I didn’t want to eat one back then as much as I just wanted CSI: Miami to come back on. At that moment, maybe I just wasn’t hungry for chocolate, peanuts, and whatever “nougat” is.

However, when you eat as often during a day as I do,  you learn that hunger is not “one size fits all.” There are categories

There’s anti-buffet hungry: when you feel you should eat something, but if you saw too much food at once–like at a buffet–you’d promptly lose your appetite.

And then there’s cheesecake hungry: when you’re specifically hungry for just one thing so that even if you got full from something else, you’d be hungry again, shortly after, because you didn’t eat what your body really wanted. 

Yesterday afternoon, my appetite and I fell into the latter category. I was starving. Starving like “If I could have any three items with me on a deserted island, they’d all be food” hungry. 

All I wanted was a small snack that didn’t require leaving the building and burning more calories than I had to spare,as I was famished from being so productive for that entire morning. 

For just a moment, let’s pretend I have a sensitive side: I hate to admit that low blood sugar makes me a bit dramatic, so I was sort of flustered at how to tide myself over until I could go home and eat real food. What to do. What would Aretha Franklin and Betty White do? 

That’s when it hit me: “Maybe something with peanuts. Peanuts have protein. Protein makes me feel full longer… ‘Packed with peanuts, Snickers really satisfies.'”

Just when I was primed against my will to consider a candy bar as a mid-afternoon snack, I recalled those two commercials, that I originally thought were just funny, like “Oh, ha. Nice. But I don’t see how either of them would make me want a Snickers. 

Au contrare! Now they, and their goofy commercials, were the answer to my epic problem. I didn’t even know I remembered Snickers’ tagline.



6 responses

  1. Is that what it’s called? Cheesecake hungry? I thought I was weird. I’ve been craving for cakes lately but this morning, when I got home from work, I bought oranges. Yes, oranges. Trying to eat healthy, you know. BUT, well, I can’t even eat it now because IT’S NOT WHAT I WANT.

    But now I want chocolates. I blame you.

    1. Have some of what you want. Oranges are forever, but cakes never last long (around me).

  2. I am so convinced that when I get hungry there are little elves that start dancing on my shoulders and all around me…I still don’t know why everybody else around me doesn’t see them.

    1. If you ate a Snickers, they’d go away faster. Uh oh.

  3. It scares me sometimes when marketing campaigns sing in my ear and tell me what to eat. It is, however, refreshing to hear that I’m clearly not the only one who hears these voices.

    1. Definitely not the only one. Do they make you act impulsively, or do you recall them later when you actually need what’s advertised? It’s almost always the latter, for me. Tricky!

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