Happy Wednesday, Unless You’re Reading This Not-On-Wednesday

Don't eat at a buffet if you're not that hungry

Too much food: the ultimate appetite-suppressor.

Happy Wednesday, Unless You’re Reading This Not-On-Wednesday

I mistakenly ate at a buffet when I was only ambiguously hungry. Ambiguous hunger (not a medical term, but it sounds legit) is that general biological hunger you feel when your body tells you to eat when you don’t otherwise feel like eating. That’s unlike the specific hunger you feel when you want a particular something. Continue reading →


That’s the Sort of Thing I Say

Did you just say that?

“I can repeat that, if you didn’t catch it the first time.”

I should wear a sticker on my shirts that says “I say things like that,” so that when I say the things I say, no one will look at me like “Are you serious?” Continue reading →

The Contagion is Largely Contained

Are you sick or just avoiding a performance review?

How real friends show they care.

The worst thing about being sick is actually being sick; the second worst part is being sick and lonely.

If forced to choose between the two, I’d rather be heartbroken than seriously ill. When you’re heartbroken, emotionally-intelligent coworkers offer to listen; friends offer to keep you company while you self-medicate with violent apocalyptic video games, cake batter, and “That doesn’t happen in real life” critiques of romantic comedies. Continue reading →

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